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  • System Design; the evaluation of requirements and the provision of customer specific solutions
  • System Improvement; understanding of system requirements / demands review of existing system design and recommendations how to best meet requirements / demands

Operational Support

  • Project Management; the initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing of specific work scopes
  • Monitoring and Evaluation; a report based assessment of on-going workscopes giving full manufacture and commissioning support
  • Manufacturing; the supply of pre-engineered equipment scopes

Systems Integrity

  • Chemical Cleaning Solutions; the removal of contaminates in fluid systems by using the correct combination of formulated chemicals to suit the application
  • High Velocity Water Flushing; the removal of contaminates of de-mineralised water through micron filtration; achieving high level of cleanliness in high integrity systems
  • Oil Flushing; the removal of contaminates to retain integrity of oil or control fluid based systems
  • Flange Management; maintaining the full joint assembly to prevent hydro-carbon release

Asset Integrity Management

  • Mechanical System Management; risk based assessment of the operational condition of mechanical equipment
  • Hose Management; risk based analysis of complete asset flexible hose assemblies in accordance with HSE and UKOOA guidelines
  • Small Bore Tubing (SBT) Management; risk based analysis (inspection) of SBT’s in accordance with the Energy Institute Guidelines 2nd edition
  • Accumulator Management; risk based analysis, inspection, test and recertification, in accordance with pressure systems safety regulations